MADEIRA-260 Flame Retardant fabric

260gsm | 100% Cotton | FR-Twill 3/1

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Madeira 260
Madeira-260 is a flame-retardant 100% cotton fabric with 260 gsm density, with a classic twill 3/1 weave.
  • Certification:
    ISO 11611 (class 1),
    ISO 11612 (A1, A2, B1, C1, E2, F1)

Care Instructions:

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  • wash symbol001
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  • wash symbol004
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Keep in cool dry place, with no direct sunlight

specification madeira 260

Madeira-260 is pure cotton flame-retardant protective fabric made of a long-staple pure cotton. It can be used for middleweight welders clothing as well as for different metal processing works in heavy machinery, automotive manufacturing, etc.

Made of 100% natural fibre, it is comfortable to wear and at the same time Madeira-260 safely protects from the risks of flash fire. This fabric can be used for everyday flame-retardant workwear such as FR-pants, FR-jackets, FR-bibs, and FR-overalls.

available colours:

  • Standard Colour
En Iso 1 En Iso
available finishes