ELECTRA Flame Retardant fabric

320gsm | 98% Cotton, 2% Antistatic | FR-Satin 4/1

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Electra Xm Fireline
Electra is a flame retardant, protective fabric made of 100% long-staple cotton, with density of 320gsm and Satin 4/1 weave. The fabric includes Beltron carbon antistatic yarn in a grid pattern. Smooth and stylish Satin 4/1 weave.
  • Certification: ISO 11611 (Class 1),
    ISO 11612 (A1, A2, B1, C1, E3, F1),
    ASTM 1959
  • Arc Raiting: ATPV = 16.0 cal/cm2
  • Heat Attenuation Factor: HAF = 84%
  • Antistatic: EN 1149-5 (1149-3 method 2)

Care Instructions:

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Keep in cool dry place, with no direct sunlight


Electra is a middleweight 320 gsm quality cotton fabric with flame retardant finishing, it is recommended for use in Electric Power companies, Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing industry. The high resistance to hazards of electric arc (ATPV, Arc Thermal Protective Value, 16 cal/cm2) ensures guaranteed protection of electricians and personnel working near power machinery, generators and other electrical equipment. 

Carbon antistatic yarn gridlocked in the surface of Electra makes it absolutely safe for use in explosive atmospheres.

To prevent Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) sparks, antistatic fibers safely discharge static electricity eliminating the risk of fire and explosion.

available colours:

  • Standard Colour