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How We Work

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XM Textiles strategy is to be 100% focused on the clients requirements. To be able to do this we will spend a great deal of time understanding our clients business and their specific needs for both products and service levels. We treat each client as individuals and tailor our products and services to their specific needs.

Our Service:

  1. All inquiries are dealt with on an individual basis where we are able to offer standard products, bespoke products and alternatives that are fit for purpose. We will also provide quoted prices, lead times and various options for shipping.
  2. For complex inquiries if we are not able to give satisfactory answers immediately we will always respond within 24 hours.
  3. All our products pass our strict inhouse quality standards and many of our products aimed at specific markets comply with recognized international standards.
  4. We always ship products on time as discussed with the client using sea freight, rail freight, air freight or couriers.

Benefits of dealing with XM Textiles

  1. We are an established modern specialist and general textiles business. We have many large and respected customers that give us repeat business who we have traded with for many years. XM Textiles is highly regarded within the industry and we place great importance on having this status.
  2. In recent years we have invested heavily in our FR range in both manufacture and certification. This has enabled us to be extremely competitive with XM Fireline products.
  3. We look at each order individually and are able to provide very competitive and advantages rates for orders that are prepaid and orders of large quantities.
  4. We are able to provide a free delivery service to countries within the European Union.

If you have any inquiries please do not hesitate to contact one our representatives who will be more than happy to discuss your needs in depth.

Wholesale shipments of XM Fireline flame retardant fabrics are organized as follows:

  1. Container and air shipments of fabrics from China;
  2. Warehouse shipment via own XM Textiles office in the European Union;
  3. Regional shipments of fabrics from warehouse of dealers of XM Fireline;
  4. Shipments via XM Fireline representative offices in Brazil.

1. Container and Air Shipments of Fabrics from China.

Container and air shipments of flame retardant fabrics from China are carried out from the main XM Textiles warehouse in Shanghai. Depending on the type of shipments and the destination country, the following limitations on the minimal shipment volume and fabric colors apply.

shipped from
warehouse in:
region of destinationtransportmin. order, metersmin. order per
standard colour,
min. order per
colour, meters
China European Union Sea 50 000 1 000 3 000
other regions 6 000
China European Union Air 3 000 1 000 3 000
other regions
Lithuania European Union Truck 500 50 3 000
Lithuania European Union DHL 50 50 3 000

1.1 Container Shipments:

xmfireline ship

Container shipments of flame retardant fabrics are carried out from the main XM Textiles warehouse in Shanghai on the following basis:

  • 6,000 meters per shipment and 1,000 meters per color for standard colors of XM Fireline, except European Union countries.
  • If the shipment is specially dyed to fit the needs of the client, the minimal order per color is 3,000 meters.
  • For European Union countries the total volume per shipment must be at least 50,000 meters. (Smaller shipments are delivered only via the XM Textiles warehouse in Lithuania).

 XM Textiles (Head Office)


1.2 Air Shipments:

xmfireline aircraft

In case of urgency you may order the delivery of some amount flame retardant fabrics by air following this offer:

  • 3,000 meters per shipment and 1,000 meters per color for standard colors of XM Fireline.
  • If the shipment is specially dyed to fit the needs of the client, the minimal order per color is 3,000 meters.

Less than 3,000 meters you may order in case needed articles are in stock at the warehouse in China.

The cost of air shipments of flame retardant fabrics from one roll and more for different countries in America, Africa and Europe can be seen in the table (click on this link to view)

 XM Textiles (Head Office)


Leadtime of manufacturing of flame retardant fabrics:


To satisfy our clients with faster delivery time of our flame retardant fabrics, we have certain amount of greige in stock for our most popular articles of fr-materials.

  • When greige fabrics are available, batches of up to 50,000 meters could be manufactured in 30 days.
  • In other cases, manufacturing could take up to 90 days.

2. Shipments via XM Textiles office in the European Union

xmfireline truck

The European Union office of XM Textiles is located in Lithuania. The location of XM Textiles office in Lithuania allows to deliver quickly any volume of flame retardant fabrics throughout Europe.
All XM Fireline flame retardant fabrics from the European warehouse are sold in quantities from 1 roll (about 50-70 meters) or more FR-fabrics are always available in stock at our Lithuania's warehouse.

  • We ship our flame retardant fabrics to all European Union countries for free for orders from 500 meters. For more information on shipping costs for orders less than 500 meters, please contact our representatives.
  • We provide progressive discounts for orders from 5,000 meters.

Approximate time of shipments to different European Union countries are given in the table (follow this link).

XM Textiles Europe

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3. Shipments of fabrics from warehouse of our dealers


Today XM Fireline is actively developing its dealer network in Europe. Flame retardant XM Fireline fabrics can be purchased from our dealers' warehouses in Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Poland in the quantity from 1 roll. Pre-order of required colors and fabrics is possible, if they are not in stock in sufficient quantities.
The list of XM Fireline dealers and their addresses is given below:

XM Fireline Russia

 russian flag

Teksika, Ukraine

Ukraine flag


 Hungria flag

Ziel Teknoloji


4. How to Order Fabrics via XM Fireline Representative Offices


Please contact our representative offices in Brazil and England to receive samples of all types of XM Fireline flame retardant fabrics. You can also get an advice or a consultation on the subject of how to protect workers using workwear made from our protective flame retardant fabrics. Our representatives will be glad to place an order for any fabrics from our collections that you need. They will also stay in touch with you informing of all the important news about the production and logistics details of the order. Documents for the shipment as well as swatch samples are delivered for the clients either via our representatives or by DHL express.

The list of XM Fireline representative offices is given below:

XM Textiles Brasil
braz flag