M-ACRYX-240 Flame Retardant fabric

240gsm | 56% Modacrylic, 38% Cotton, 4% M-Aramid, 2% Antistatic | FR-Twill 2/1
M-ACRYX-240 is a Modacrylic Flame Retardant fabric. Modacrylic fibers have been developed recently and became very popular for FR-fabrics used for protective or FR clothing.

M-ACRYX-240 is a lightweight and soft, with a wool-like feel modacryl fabric. It has excellent colorfastness, shrinkage and wrinkle resistance.

M-ACRYX-240 is inherently flame resistant and do not combust. Modacrylic fibers are difficult to ignite and Modacrylic fabric will self-extinguish after attempt of ignition. Modacrylic fibers also have great dimensional stability and high elastic recovery, which gives them the ability to hold their shape.

Antistatic yarn, which interlocked in M-ACRYX-240 fabric makes it absolutely safe for use in explosive atmospheres. To prevent electrostatic discharge (ESD) sparks, antistatic fibers safely discharge static electricity eliminating the risk of fire and explosion.

Standards for FR-clothing

You can see below compliance to the standards for fr-clothing, including level of protection against different kinds of risks.

  • ISO 11612 (A1, A2, B1, C1, E2, F1) – Protective fabric for industrial workers
  • EN 61482-2 – Protective clothing against the hazards of an Electric Arc


Certificates & Technical details


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