ARTEX-210 Inherent Flame Retardant fabric

210gsm | 93% M-Aramid, 5% P-Aramid, 2% AS | Twill 2/1 FR
Artex-210 is an inherent protective fabric made of 93% Meta-Aramid, 5% Para-Aramid, 2% Antistatic, with weight of 210 gsm, twill 2/1 weave.

Artex-210 is an innovative inherent flame resistant fabric for protective and fr clothing.
This fabric is best used for emergency services (EMS clothing), for firefighters gear as well as for special forces, for marines uniform, for military pilots flight suits. Artex-210 is also suitable for FR bibs and FR overalls for workers in the oil and gas, chemical and power industries.
Artex-210 fabric provides protection against Fire, open Flame and Electric Arc. Inherent thermal protection cannot be washed away. The fabric is very durable and super-resistant to abrasion.
Between other features of Artex-210 are light weight and good breathability, which gives extra comfort to the wearer. Due to integrated carbon antistatic yarn, Artex prevents building up electrostatic discharge (ESD) and eliminates the possibility of explosion in oil, gas and other industries.

Artex-210 has been certified in BTTG (UK) lab to ISO 11612, ISO 11611, EN 1149-5, EN 15614.
Artex-210 has been certified in AITEX (Spain) lab to EN 469. 

Standards for FR-clothing

You can see below compliance to the standards for fr-clothing, including level of protection against different kinds of risks.

  • ISO 11611:2015 (CLASS 1) – Protective fabric for welders
  • ISO 11612:2015 (A1, A2, B1, C1, E3, F1) – Protective fabric for industrial workers
  • EN 15614 – Protective clothing for firefighters (Wildland clothing)
  • EN 469 – Protective clothing for firefighters
  • ANTISTATIC: EN 1149-5 (1149-3 METHOD 2) – Protective fabric for Electric Arc protection


Certificates & Technical details


Colour Card


Artex-210 fr fabric updates EN 1149

Artex-210 fr fabric updates EN 1149

December 2018 our aramid flame retardant fabric Artex-210 has been successfully retested and renewed EN 1149-5 (Protective clothing. Electrostatic properties) ...
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Artex-210 updates EN ISO 11612 to version: 2015

Artex-210 updates EN ISO 11612 to version: 2015

November 2018, AITEX lab (Spain) has tested Artex-210 fr fabric to the new version of safety standard for Protective clothing – Clothing ...
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