ARAVIS-120 Inherent Flame Retardant fabric

120gsm | 50% Meta Aramid, 50% FR Viscose | FR-Plain 1/1
Aravis-120 is an Inherent protective fabric made of 50% Meta Aramid / 50% FR-Viscose, with a weight of 120 gsm. It comes in a plain 1/1 weave.

Aravis FR-liner is designed for fire fighter turnout gear with a new level of moisture management properties. It is light, thin and inherently flame resistant.
The purpose of thermal liner is to be used as a part of 4-layer sandwich for firefighter`s turnout gear. Aravis-120 FR-liner provides comfort for the wearer as it thin and light (120 gsm). At the same time Aravis-120 transports perspiration away from skin. The blend of aramid and viscose fibers makes Aravis-120 very durable. It also gives high level of thermo-protection, due to its inherent Flame Retardant properties.

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Standards for FR-clothing

You can see below compliance to the standards for fr-clothing, including level of protection against different kinds of risks.

  • EN 14116 (Index 1) – Protection against Heat and Flame


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