Madeira-320 AS certified to EN ISO 1149-5


Madeira 320AS Certificate xmfIn April 2017 our new flame retardant fabric Madeira-320 AS has being successfully tested to EN ISO 1149-5 (Protective clothing. Electrostatic properties. Material performance and design requirements).


Madeira-320 AS is an Antistatic version of our best-selling Madeira-320 pure cotton flame-retardant fabric.

It's a protective fabric made with antistatic yarn (1%) and cotton (99%). Madeira-320AS can be used for welders clothing as well as for different metal processing works in heavy machinery, automotive manufacturing, etc.


EN 1149-5 is European standard for garments that protect against electrostatic charge where there is a risk of explosion e.g. in refineries.

It is part of a series of standards for test methods and requirements for electrostatic properties of protective clothing.
According to thу Standard the charge decay value requisites for the induction charge method according to the Standard UNE-EN 1149-3:2004 are:


t50< 4 s or S > 0,2
 t50 = Decay half time 
 S   = Shielding factor


Madeira-320 AS passed the test with average result for

• S = 0,61

• t50 = < 0,01


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You can find additional information on the Madeira-320 AS product page.