XM FireLine™

Flame Retardant Fabrics
for Protective Clothing

XM FireLine™ designs and manufacturers flame retardant fabrics for protective clothing and FR-clothing.
Welders, rig chiefs, electric workers and other persons who are at risk of Flame, Fire or Electric Arc, they all need to wear flame retardant clothing to be protected.


XM FireLine™ has proven the quality of XMF flame retardant fabrics in third-party international labs like AITEX, BTTG, Kinectrics etc.

Safety and responsibility are key factors for us and with XM FireLine™ FR-fabrics you can be sure you have all the certificate needed for each of our fabric.
ISO 11611/ 11612, EN 61482-1-2, EN 469, NFPA 2112, ASTM F1959 to name a few of the standards, that our fabrics are certified to.

XM FireLine™ FR-treated and FR-inherent fabrics are divided into 5 main groups:

 1.Flame Retardant Cotton fabrics

 2.Flame Retardant Cotton/Nylon

 3.Flame Retardant Cotton/Polyester

 4.Flame Retardant Aramid fabrics

 5.Flame Retardant Polyester fabrics

 6.Flame retardant modacrylic fabrics


FR-Jersey-160 receives EN ISO 14116:2015 certificate- November 2018, our new flame retardant fabric FR-Jersey-160 was tested and certified to EN ISO 14116:2015 (Protective clothing – Protection against heat and flame – Limited flame spread materials). The testing was done at independent international laboratory AITEX (Spain). This… (Read more...)
Gefest-420 updates EN ISO 11611 to version: 2015- January 2019, AITEX lab (Spain) has tested Gefest-420 fr fabric to the new version of safety standard for Protective clothing for use in welding and allied processes. Gefest confirmed its compliance to ISO EN 11611:2015 and received a new certificate, which you can… (Read more...)

New FR-fabrics

Flame retardant fabric

300gsm | 80% Cotton, 19% Polyester, 1% Antistatic | FR-Twill 2/2
Poseidon 300 is a cotton rich blend fabric with addition of antistatic yarn flame-retardant finish.

Flame retardant fabric

185gsm | 80% Cotton, 19% Polyester, 1% AS | FR-Plain 1/1
Flame retardant fabric Sonora-185 is a light protective fabric for hot climate made of 80% cotton/19% polyester and 1% antistatic in plain 1/1 weave.